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This generator will take you through the process to download a tailored pre-written specification built on the selections you have made.

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Ensure to consult either BS 5446:PT6 or relevant building Regulations before specification starts.

The next generation of fire and carbon monoxide protection. Sona products are easy to specify, easy to fit, and easy to maintain.

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Property Type

Protection Levels

Alarms in all circulation spaces that form part of escape routes (Hallways, Landings etc) along with high fire risk areas (Kitchen and Living Room). Gives occupants good protection.
Classed as Category LD2 as per British Standard BS 5839-6:2013

Sensor Type

New Thermally enhanced optical alarms in all suitable rooms

Battery Back-up

9V alkaline battery - ideal where cost saving is a priority. BS 5839-6: 2013 recommends sealed, non-replaceable battery back-up in rented accommodation, in these cases MRL back-up is more suitable.

Interconnect Type

Both Building Regulations, Approved Document B & BS 5839-6 2013 emphasise the importance of installing mains powered interconnected alarms.

Connection wire is installed between each of the alarms. When one alarm detects fire it sends a signal down this wire and all other alarms on the system will sound.


Mains powered alarm which uses the latest Electrochemical sensing technology.

The 9V alkaline battery back-up provides power to the unit in the event of mains failure.

Up to 12 compatible carbon monoxide alarms can be linked for simultaneous warning.